In the captivating world of Channel four’s, Grand Designs Series 24, we meet Danny, a devoted father-of-three with a vision to build a new home on a picturesque 23-acre garden in Lincolnshire. As he embarks on this ambitious project, one element that stands out is his choice to incorporate an innovative heating system, described as 'Infrared Heating Foil'; in the show.

The Concept of Infrared Heating:

Unlike traditional heating methods that warm the air, infrared heating operates by directly heating objects in the room. In Danny's home, thin glistening gold film infrared sheets are strategically placed between the ceiling joists beneath the insulated roof. This installation method is not only efficient but also cost-effective, eliminating the need for radiators and providing a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic in the bedrooms.

Benefits of iHelios Infrared Heating Film:

The choice of iHelios Infrared Heating Film or as they described it - infrared heating foil, brings several advantages to Danny's Grand Design project. Firstly, the system is quick to install, saving valuable construction time. Secondly, it offers energy efficiency by focusing on heating objects rather than wasting energy on heating unused space. Additionally, multizone smart thermostats can control the system anywhere in the world. This targeted heating approach results in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills as the owner has complete control over energy usage.

Enhanced Comfort and Design:

In addition to its functional benefits, iHelios Infrared Heating Film enhances Danny's home's overall comfort and design. The even heat distribution ensures a cosy and comfortable atmosphere throughout the bedrooms, allowing his children to enjoy warmth during the colder months. Moreover, the absence of radiators provides more freedom in furniture placement and interior design, creating a clean and unobstructed living space.

Eco-Friendly Features:

Danny's Grand Design is not just about creating a beautiful home; it also prioritises sustainability. By opting for iHelios Infrared Heating Film, Danny contributes to the eco-credentials of his home. The system operates using electricity, and with the addition of freestanding solar panels, he can further reduce his carbon footprint and energy reliance on the grid. This commitment to eco-conscious living aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions in modern home design.

The Grand Design Unfolds:

Danny's home is a testament to his determination and resourcefulness. Despite encountering challenges, such as unexpected costs and measurements gone wrong, he persevered to create a unique and nurturing space for his family. The integration of iHelios Infrared Heating Film reflects his thoughtful approach to sustainable living and showcases his commitment to providing an ideal environment for his children to grow and thrive.


As Danny's Grand Design reached completion, the inclusion of iHelios Infrared Heating Foil stood out as a testament to his ingenuity and commitment to sustainability. With its efficient operation, cost-effectiveness, and sleek design, this innovative heating solution not only enhanced the comfort of his home but also aligned with his eco-friendly and cost-efficiency ethos. Danny's journey reminds us of the power of determination and the endless possibilities when sustainable technologies meet inspired design.

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