Anna Rudnik

Office Manager

Anna Rudnik, an alumnus of the University of Gdansk, is the epitome of organizational excellence at iHelios Living Reinvented. With a Master’s degree in Management, she has tailored her expertise to become the linchpin of the office environment.

Her day-to-day responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of managerial tasks. She oversees administrative staff, managing schedules to ensure that all departments mesh seamlessly.

Anna’s role extends beyond mere administration; she is instrumental in implementing efficient office systems, a testament to her innovative approach to management.

Her proactive attitude is central to creating a professional atmosphere that fosters productivity and teamwork. She is the go-to problem solver, whether it's troubleshooting IT issues or coordinating office events.

By embodying the values of iHelios Living Reinvented, Anna not only propels the company towards operational excellence but also ensures it remains a vibrant, forward-thinking place to work.


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