Dawid Narloch

Technical Support and Installation

Dawid Narloch, a Technical Support Specialist at IHelios Living, is pivotal in delivering advanced eco-friendly heating and smart tech solutions. He excels in customer service and has a profound knowledge of sustainable heating, making him indispensable to the company and its customers.

Trained in the latest sustainable technologies, Dawid's role is crucial as he guides installers on integrating IHelios’s systems efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings. He also educates consumers on the environmental advantages of radiant heating, helping them understand and manage smart tech for a greener lifestyle. Dawid not only solves technical challenges but also champions IHelios’s mission of eco-positive heating solutions, contributing significantly to reducing ecological impacts.

Known for his empathy and extra effort, he inspires confidence in both customers and installers, reinforcing IHelios's commitment to innovation and sustainability, and exemplifying the harmony between technology and environmental care.


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