Edyta Raczynska

Co Founder, Head of R&D,

As a Co-Founder, and head of Product Development, Edyta Raczynska leads the integration of innovative radiant heating and smart technology at iHelios Living Reinvented. As head of R&D, she bridges advanced tech with daily life, aiming to transform comfort and efficiency in homes. She excels in making complex ideas accessible, a skill at the heart of the iHelios Learning Academy she founded to train installers for flawless technology integration.

Central to iHelios is its energy-efficient Radiant Heating system, improved under Edyta’s expertise to blend with smart home ecosystems seamlessly. Her leadership has seen iHelios become a byword for smart automation, with AI and IoT creating responsive, convenient environments.

Advocating for sustainability, Edyta drives iHelios toward eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices, ensuring technology betters lives and the planet. Her strategic direction has raised iHelios’s market status and enhanced living spaces with responsive smart homes and comfortable workplaces.

Her impact extends to community service as Chairman of Peter's World Hull Autism Support, where she furthers inclusivity for those with autism. Edyta’s career embodies dedication to innovation, education, and social good, steering technology towards a smarter, sustainable future.


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