Emil Raczynski

Director, Product  Development

Emil Raczynski stands at the forefront of innovation in the radiant heating and smart home industry. With a solid background and a keen eye for emerging technologies, Emil has become synonymous with the development of products that seamlessly integrate comfort with technology.

In his current role, Emil oversees the end-to-end product lifecycle—from ideation to market release. His leadership has been pivotal in driving the technical teams to achieve milestones in product development that marry hardware with software for a holistic user experience.

Colleagues describe Emil as a visionary who not only understands the technicalities of product development but also grasps the market dynamics. His strategies often involve rigorous R&D, followed by meticulous market analysis, ensuring that every product hits the sweet spot of innovation and user demand.

Emil's contributions have earned him recognition within the smart home sector, especially for his commitment to sustainable practices. His work embodies the nexus between cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship, resulting in products that lead the charge in energy conservation without compromising on comfort or convenience.

He mentors young professionals and is passionate about fostering a culture of continuous learning within his team.


Smart Remote Control
A touchscreen monitor displaying a user interface for a self-checkout payment system is in focus. The screen shows various options including "Kids Menu" and "Total." The background is blurred, with visible lights and indistinct objects suggesting a restaurant setting.
Smart home devices are arranged on a white surface next to potted plants. The devices include a small camera on a stand, two round sensors, and a round clock. The background is minimalistic, featuring a white wall and green plants.
A hand pointing towards a fingerprint scanner on a sleek, black smart lock mounted on a gray door. The lock appears to have a cover sliding upward, partially revealing the fingerprint sensor and a small keypad.

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