Sylwester Raczynski

Founder, CEO

Sylwester Raczynski, as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of iHelios®, has established himself as an innovator in the field of sustainable heating solutions. His patented iHelios® thermal film technology is a testament to his commitment to eco-friendly and cost-efficient home and commercial environment heating.

Under Sylwester’s visionary leadership, iHelios® is redefining the essence of heating systems. The company’s signature product seamlessly integrates into the structure of buildings, offering an invisible yet effective heating solution by emitting radiant heat. This method is a significant advancement over traditional heating methods, providing consistent warmth and eliminating the need for gas boilers.

With an acute focus on the future of smart homes, Sylwester has adeptly combined the state-of-the-art heating technology with smart home integration, positioning iHelios® as a comprehensive solution for intelligent home management. His strategic direction has not only propelled the company to the vanguard of heating innovation but also cultivated a strong consumer trust. This is evidenced by the confidence that customers place in iHelios®, relying on professional advice and support from the technical team for self-installation guidance.

Sylwester's foresight and dedication to excellence have not only driven iHelios® to new heights but also contributed significantly to the transformation of modern living environments. His role as CEO encompasses more than leadership; it embodies a commitment to a sustainable future and enhanced quality of life through innovative technology.


Let’s embark on this journey of transformation, creating a sustainable legacy
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