We are thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to our iHelios Heating System - THE ADVANCED OCCUPANCY SENSOR

Home comfort and energy efficiency just took a monumental leap forward with the newest innovation from iHelios Heating System. Introducing the advanced occupancy sensor - a game-changer in modern living.

Seamless Comfort Tailored to You

The moment you walk into a room, imagine the lights setting to your preference, the temperature adjusting to your liking, and your devices all ready for you. The iHelios Heating System's new occupancy sensor makes this dream a reality. By detecting movement and even static positions, it automates temperature, lighting, and sockets to offer an unprecedented personalized experience.

Elevating Energy Efficiency

Beyond comfort, the iHelios Heating System ensures eco-friendly living. The sensor is adept at recognizing when a room is unoccupied, powering down thermostats, switches, and smart devices to curtail energy consumption. This means reduced utility bills for you and a smaller carbon footprint for our planet.

Unparalleled Convenience and Safety

Gone are the days of manually adjusting settings. The iHelios system intuitively recognizes your presence, making the necessary adjustments for you. And with its capability to detect static positions, you can sleep easy knowing that energy efficiency and safety are always at the forefront.

A Commitment to Sustainable Living

At iHelios, innovation meets environmental stewardship. With the new occupancy sensor, the heating system not only improves your daily life but also champions the cause of sustainable living. Together, we can make strides in conserving energy and ensuring a greener tomorrow.


The iHelios Heating System is a testament to how technology can enhance living spaces while promoting sustainability. With its groundbreaking occupancy sensor, iHelios is setting new standards in comfort, convenience, and conservation. Join us on this exciting journey to shape a sustainable future.

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