Electric infrared wallpaper or not?

Recently iHelios was mentioned in an article and on the news by the BBC in a brilliant feature championing advances in eco and energy-saving heating technology.

The exposure has been fantastic, and we have had lots of calls and questions. However, there are a few inaccuracies in the feature that are coming up regularly in conversations that we need to address.

What Exactly is iHelios?

Contrary to some beliefs, iHelios does not produce infrared (IR) wallpaper. Our expertise lies in the development of IR heating products, which come in two primary forms:

  1. Film Sheets: These are designed to fit snugly above ceilings or beneath floors.
  2. IR Heating Panels: Perfect for mounting on solid surfaces.

At the heart of our products is the nanocarbon paste technology, augmented with a Positive Temperature Coefficient layer to thwart overheating. We pride ourselves on the sustainability factor – every product we offer is 100% recyclable.

Moreover, the power of smart home automation is at your fingertips with our "Living Reinvented" app. From managing your heating to controlling lights and plugs, this app provides homeowners with an all-encompassing solution for efficient electricity usage. And for an added layer of security, we even offer app-controlled locks and cameras.

Why Choose iHelios?

1. Smart Home Integration: Our “Living Reinvented” app is not just about control; it's about intelligent automation. Create scenes and routines to optimize energy consumption effortlessly.

2. Customized Control: The decentralized iHelios system permits individual room control, eliminating wasted energy in unoccupied spaces.

3. Health & Safety First: With the elimination of dust-circulating convection currents and the ability to maintain consistent low temperatures, homeowners can benefit from reduced allergies and no mould or property damage from condensation.

4. Quick Heating: A mere 5 minutes, and you have a room at its peak warmth!

5. Hassle-free Installation: Our solutions are discreetly hidden, leaving only the sleek thermostats in sight.

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) vs. iHelios:

The recent article drew comparisons between our IR heating solutions and Air Source Heat Pumps, particularly concerning cost. It's essential to note that while IR heating might incur costs if replacing existing central heating, the ASHP setup demands considerable space and regular maintenance. iHelios stands out with its low-profile design, easy installation, and a no-maintenance approach.

In Conclusion:

With over three years in the market and more than 1000 installations under our belt, we at iHelios are committed to delivering quality and innovation in the realm of heating solutions.

For a more in-depth look at our offerings or to get in touch, please  email us directly at hello@ihelios.co.uk.

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