iHelios Living Reinvented is committed to reducing its environmental impact and addressing climate change through various initiatives across its operations.

Done by today:

To reduce our direct emissions, we have taken several measures such as refurbishing our properties to improve insulation, thus reducing heat requirements. Additionally, we have installed our iHelios infrared heating and smart control systems to efficiently manage and reduce energy consumption. These measures have resulted in a significant decrease in our operation emissions.


Our commitment to renewable energy is evident through the installation of solar panels, which currently produce 10 MW of electricity. This has resulted in a reduction of 9000 kg of CO2 emissions. Not only have we reduced our carbon footprint, but we have also substantially decreased our building energy bills, from £16000 per year to £4500.

Future Steps:

Looking ahead, we are committed to further reducing our environmental impact. Our next steps include the installation of battery storage systems to store excess energy generated by our solar panels. Additionally, we plan to replace our vans with electric vehicles, further reducing our carbon emissions by 2025

By implementing these measures and continuing to invest in sustainable practices, iHelios Living Reinvented is dedicated to minimizing its impact on climate change and promoting a greener, more sustainable future.

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