These Terms and Conditions govern the sale of goods and services by iHelios Living Reinvented Limited, a Private Company, registered in England under number 13991219 and who’s registered, and trading address is The Old Brass Foundry, Marlborough Terrace, Kingston upon Hull, HU2 9AE.

1. Quotation

The quotation provided by the seller is a formal offer to sell goods and services including their prices and relevant terms and conditions
1.1. Each project is calculated separately based on the information provided by the customer, including: Energy Performance Certficate (EPC) rating, Building construction, Insulation of cavity and external walls, roof and floors, Windows and doors airtightness, Exact floor plans or accurate measurements, Height of the ceilings
1.2. iHelios reserves the right to adjust the quotation if any additional information is provided or if there are changes to the project scope or requirements.
1.3. The prices provided in the quotation are valid for the period of 14 days from the date of sending the quotation. After this period, iHelios reserves the right to adjust the prices based on the market fluctuations, changes in material costs, or other factors.
1.4. The customer is responsible for providing accurate and complete information to ensure that the heating requirements can be properly calculated. iHelios reserves the right to use estimated values if these are not known or not provided by the customer. iHelios is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the quotation resulting from incomplete or incorrect information provided by the customer.
1.5. The customer acknowledges that the quotation provided by iHelios is not a biding contract and that the iHelios reserves the right to modify or withdraw the quotation at any time prior the customer’s acceptance of quotation. 1.6. If the customer accepts the quotation, a biding contract is formed between the customer and iHelios, and the terms and conditions of the quotation become a part of the contractual agreement between the parties.

2. Property Preparation The customer is responsible for ensuring that the property is suitable and properly prepared for the installation of the iHelios heating system.
2.1. Ceilings should be prepared for our iHelios team to undertake agreed work – it should be accessible, with no obstructions. Exact light and any detectors positions need to be marked. It is advisable to wait with any finishing works until iHelios installation is completed. iHelios heating system installation may require ceiling frames to be fitted prior to installation.
2.2. Floor area should be prepared for the installation as well. To avoid damage to iHelios heating materials, please ensure that the surface of your floor is smooth and level. Additionally, the floor needs to be free from any obstructions or debris.
2.3. Before the installation of the iHelios system under floor, the customer is responsible for purchasing a polythene protective membrane suitable for underfloor heating. Half of this membrane must be laid by the customer on the entire floor area prior to the iHelios system installation. Failure to do so may result in inadequate insulation and can affect the effectiveness of the heating system. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the polythene protective membrane is in place as per the provided guidelines.
2.4. To ensure the highest efficiency of our system, wool insulation should be implemented by the customer to support the iHelios system. The customer is responsible for selecting, procuring, and installing the insulation independently.
2.5. Prior to the installation of iHelios Heating System, an electrician of customer’s choice will need to install standard UK 13 Amp fused spur or a 20 Amp double pole switch for each thermostat depending on the load. Electricians must also fit a 45mm back box for each thermostat and channelling for 3 cables from thermostat to the ceiling. If the iHelios heating system is being installed in the ceiling, the customer needs to notify about the location of light installation in the ceiling.
2.6. In the case of the installation of Infrared Panels, excluding the preparation for thermostats, an electrician must also prepare and position a 3-core, 2.5mm cable in the appropriate location.
2.7. If the customers wants to introduce any changes to the iHelios installation plan, at least 3 days notice before planned installation date is required. Additional cost will be charged for any changes made after that point due to delays to the installation process, additional material and labour involved.

3. Installation process iHelios installation will be carried out by a qualified installer who will ensure that the installation is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
3.1. Our service includes only the installation of iHelios heating system, which includes: Site survey to assess if the property conditions meet the iHelios installation requirements on the installation day, Installation of reflective insulation, heating film or panels, Installation of iHelios thermostats and connecting them to already installed fused spur switches, Calibration of the thermostats, and testing the whole system functionality once the installation is completed.
3.2. iHelios do not provide any other services than listed above. Our service does not include removing plasterboards or flooring (as well as any objects in the rooms) in the preparation of installation.
3.3. iHelios do not provide the installation of plasterboards or flooring after the installation of iHelios system.
3.4. For Infrared Towel Rails, the purchase does not include their installation, these should be installed by an electrician.
3.5. On the completion of the installation the system will be checked and tested in your presence. An authorized person must be present at the premises to fill in and sign the completion form. If the installation needs to be divided into two stages – first and second fix, completion forms need to be signed after each stage separately. Filling in and signing the completion forms is necessary for activation of your warranty.
3.6. If the property does not meet iHelios installation requirements as mentioned above, or if there is no authorized person to sign the completion forms, our team will not be able to undertake the agreed work. This will be subject to a call out fee of £500.

4. System Efficiency The efficiency of the iHelios heating system depends on many factors, including but not limited to: Proper insulation of the building, which includes walls (cavity, external), roof, floors, Double glazed airtight windows and doors, Properly calculated heating requirements i.e. correct amount of heating film/ panels.
4.1. Proper insulation is essential to achieving the highest efficiency of the system. Poor insulation, draughts, and air leakage will result in system not reaching the desired temperature and high power consumption.
4.2. It is the customer responsibility to ensure the building is properly insulated to provide the system the right conditions for proper operation.

5. Power Consumption iHelios does not guarantee power consumption for heating system. Power consumption may vary depending on EPC rating, building insulation, usage patterns and other factors.
5.1. Proper insulation is critical for reducing heat loss and minimazing power consumption. If the building is poorly insulated, with significant draughts and lack of airtightness, it will require more energy to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
5.2. Higher indoor temperature settings as well as the local weather conditions in terms of temperature difference will also impact power consumption.
5.3. During the initial start-up of the iHelios heating, it is normal for the system to consume more energy as it needs to heat up all the objects in the property. This may result in higher energy bills during the first few days of operation.

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