iHelios Reseller Demo Stand
The mobile app with the thermostat
iHelios Warehouse
A modern brick house with warm lighting visible through large windows. The house features a black roof, black door with a green ribbon tied across it, and a small patch of artificial grass leading to the entrance. An air conditioning unit is installed on the right side.
Two panels show a motion detection system. On the left, a man plays with a child on a couch, activating human motion detection. On the right, a child sleeps under a blanket, activating human static detection. An app on a smartphone monitors the activity.
iHelios Reseller Demo Stand

Discovering iHelios

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a comfortable and sustainable environment, and we are committed to making that a reality.

We create and manufacture the source of warmth , backed up by our smart app and device to create comfort and automation. Pioneering far-infrared heating technology changes the future to a green one: reduce CO2 emissions, dust, and servicing costs. We make sure that the heating system is a one-time investment for over 50 years.

Discover even more, iHelios Living Reinvented brings tech magic to your home! We manufacturing at our facilities in South Korea. Our headquarters is located in the United Kingdom near Hull City Centre and branch offices in USA France and Poland.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient heating solutions on the market.


Meet our team

iHelios History

The original iHelios film

Idea & Research

The very first iHelios Mark 1 is created

Company formation

iHelios is incorporated and the safety tests begin

The image features the logo of BSI with bold blue letters "BSI" and yellow accents. Below it, the text reads "EUROPEAN NORM" in blue, and underneath that, a blue rectangle with the white letters "EN.
A roll of iHelios Film, partially unrolled to display text and specifications printed on its surface. The text appears repeatedly along the length of the sandpaper, indicating its type and possible manufacturing details. The background is white.

iHelios Development

A second version of the product is development and gets the CE & UKCA testing.

A smart App

iHelios Smart Heating is approved by CE and UKCA. A companion mobile app is created called iHelios Living Reinvented Smart App.

UK CA & CE logo
A person with gray-painted nails is holding a smartphone and adjusting the temperature on a home thermostat app. The app displays the current temperature as 20°C with a circular interface. The background is a wooden surface.

App Integration

The mobile app starts to integrate with other smart home devices

Heating Developments

iHelios improves its heating panels and launches iHelios Mark 3 premium.

A gold cylindrical tube labeled "iHelios Heating Reinvented" is placed on a wooden surface. In the background, a blue sign reads, "Your home has just got better & smarter." Various certification logos are visible on the bottom of the cylinder.
World Map

Market development

iHelios continues on its path to success by patenting new products and opening new markets in USA, France and Poland.

iHelios Essence


Innovate with Integrity

We blend the brilliance of Smart Home Technology with the warmth of Radiant Heating to offer you seamless comfort. Our commitment to  support for ESG values fuels our mission


Shaping Tomorrow, Sustainably

Our team conducts extensive research, exploring various conceptual ideas and architectural styles to develop a design concept that aligns with the client's vision.

Community and Partnership

Advanced 3D modeling

Building stronger bonds defines us. At iHelios, we cultivate relationships, believing in the strength of partnerships and the value of community engagements.

INTEGRITY and transpareny

Ethical Practices

Trust is our cornerstone. iHelios stands for ethical practices, transparency, and accountability, ensuring our stakeholders always know where they stand.


Latest Projects

From Trade Show to Energy Reduction

Peter from Oasby discovered iHelios radiant heating at a trade show. Seeking eco-friendly solutions, he found iHelios efficient and cost-effective. Post swift installation, he enjoyed significant energy savings and now champions the system, seeing it as the future of sustainable heating.

All Case Studies

Latest Projects

Cooper & Roman Property Management Review

At Cooper and Roman Properties Development, sustainable development isn't just a buzzword. We are dedicated to crafting environments that are both cost-effective for our clients and beneficial to the planet.

All Projects

Latest Projects

Transforming Commercial Spaces with LeapBuild

Discover how this state-of-the-art radiant heating system is setting the pace for eco-friendly and efficient commercial to residential conversion.

All Projects

Latest Projects

The Journey From £70.00 to £15.00 per week

Explore how iHelios dramatically reduced heating costs for Minecraft Accommodation's properties in Hull and surrounding areas, making a tangible difference in affordable housing solutions.

All Projects
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"We made a decision to install the system end of last year 2019, and didn't look back since. There is less dust in the house (our child is allergic so we looked into various options when deciding) and the heat is not concentrated around radiators (as there is no radiators) but is consistent across the rooms and what's important as well it's cheaper than gas heating system we had before. You can control it from your phone as it can be operated via app and thermostat."


"Great system, very effective in terms of heating and low energy consumption. It is also worth mentioning that the Guys from iHelios are very helpful and always have time to answer any potential user questions or to help with any configuration issues. Brilliant service!"


"The team at iHelios are a pleasure to work with and their radiant heating system is the future of environmentally friendly heating technology. I would 100% recommend."


Smart Remote Control
A touchscreen monitor displaying a user interface for a self-checkout payment system is in focus. The screen shows various options including "Kids Menu" and "Total." The background is blurred, with visible lights and indistinct objects suggesting a restaurant setting.
Smart home devices are arranged on a white surface next to potted plants. The devices include a small camera on a stand, two round sensors, and a round clock. The background is minimalistic, featuring a white wall and green plants.
A hand pointing towards a fingerprint scanner on a sleek, black smart lock mounted on a gray door. The lock appears to have a cover sliding upward, partially revealing the fingerprint sensor and a small keypad.

Let’s embark on this journey of transformation, creating a sustainable legacy
for generations to come.

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