Jack Edwards

Sales Director

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in high-level sales positions, Jack has consistently driven remarkable growth and innovation in each role he has undertaken.

At iHelios, Jack leads the sales team with a focus on expanding market presence and intensifying client engagement strategies. His expertise lies in developing comprehensive sales plans that align with technological advancements and market demands, ensuring that iHelios remains at the forefront of the industry.

Jack's strategic approach involves a blend of analytical prowess and relationship-building skills, which have been instrumental in forging strong partnerships and elevating the company's profile in competitive markets. Under his leadership, his team is committed to enhancing customer experiences and driving the adoption of smart home solutions across diverse demographics.

Jack’s vision for iHelios involves not only achieving sales targets but also ensuring that the benefits of smart technology are accessible and beneficial to a wide audience, aligning with the company’s mission to innovate and inspire.


Smart Remote Control
A touchscreen monitor displaying a user interface for a self-checkout payment system is in focus. The screen shows various options including "Kids Menu" and "Total." The background is blurred, with visible lights and indistinct objects suggesting a restaurant setting.
Smart home devices are arranged on a white surface next to potted plants. The devices include a small camera on a stand, two round sensors, and a round clock. The background is minimalistic, featuring a white wall and green plants.
A hand pointing towards a fingerprint scanner on a sleek, black smart lock mounted on a gray door. The lock appears to have a cover sliding upward, partially revealing the fingerprint sensor and a small keypad.

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