Slawek Jagiello

iHelios South UK

Slawek Jagiello stands at the forefront of sustainable home solutions as the CEO of ASSA Investments Ltd, a company synonymous with innovation in smart home integration and energy-efficient heating. From the early days of iHelios Living, Slawek has been a pivotal figure, guiding the company's vision and strategy.

As an accredited Retrofit Assessor and Domestic EPC Assessor, Slawek brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of home energy efficiency. Under his leadership, ASSA Investments Ltd has flourished as an authorized distributor of iHelios Living, delivering bespoke radiant heating systems that promise comfort, efficiency, and smart control. His certifications are not mere titles but a testament to his dedication to mastering the nuances of energy assessment and retrofitting, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of sustainability and quality.

Slawek's entrepreneurial acumen and technical know-how have been instrumental in cementing iHelios Living's reputation as a leader in the smart home sector. His commitment to innovation is matched only by his dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring that each installation is not just a product but a long-term investment in a greener, more efficient lifestyle.


Let’s embark on this journey of transformation, creating a sustainable legacy
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