In the dynamic world of HMO ownership, landlords face a perennial challenge: managing heating and controlling bills effectively. The traditional approach, with a single thermostat governing the entire property, often falls short, leaving tenants grappling with uneven heating and energy inefficiency. As a result, rooms are aired out through open windows, and energy is needlessly wasted, especially in unoccupied spaces.

Enter iHelios Living Reinvented—a game-changer in the realm of property management.

Seamless Integration: Gone are the days of unsightly radiators cluttering your walls. iHelios seamlessly integrates underfloor or in ceilings, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your property while enhancing functionality.

Remote Control at Your Fingertips: With the iHelios app, managing your heating system becomes a breeze, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to fretting over leaving the heating on during your absence—control is just a tap away.

Tailored Comfort with Multi Zone Control: Bid farewell to the one-size-fits-all approach. Each room equipped with its own thermostat allows for personalised temperature settings, ensuring optimal comfort for every tenant.

Efficient Scheduling: Set temperature schedules that align with your daily routines, striking the perfect balance between comfort and energy savings.

Temperature Limits: Prevent energy waste by setting maximum temperature thresholds, ensuring heating remains within reasonable bounds.

Sensing Efficiency: Save energy by automatically shutting off heating when windows are open—a simple yet effective measure in curbing unnecessary energy consumption.

Adaptive Functionality: Responding to unexpected changes in occupancy, iHelios adjusts heating levels accordingly, ensuring efficiency is maintained at all times.

Above all

Cutting-Edge Occupancy Sensing: Say goodbye to manual triggering—iHelios' innovative technology detects occupancy through breath and heartbeat, streamlining energy usage and optimizing efficiency.

Unlimited scenes and automation

Heating only switch to setup temperature if someone is in the room when tenant leave the room automatically temperature be switched off or temperature  reduced.

But the benefits don't end there!

With the Living Reinvented app and devices, you gain control over various other aspects of your property:

Access Control: Manage door locks and intercoms effortlessly, enhancing security and convenience.

Comprehensive Security Features: Keep a watchful eye on your property with integrated sensors and cameras, bolstering safety measures.

Power Management: Exercise control over lights and sockets, promoting energy conservation and cost efficiency.

Experience the future of property management with iHelios Living Reinvented. Efficiency, convenience, and control—all at your fingertips. Say hello to a new era of efficiency in HMO ownership.

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