Maximize Rental Returns: Invest in Advanced Solutions

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Introduce Next-Gen Comfort and Convenience

Upgrade your rental properties with our integrated smart home and radiant heating solutions. We install reliable, programmable radiant heating systems to keep tenants comfortably warm while lowering energy costs. Smart thermostats allow you to monitor and adjust temperatures in each unit remotely.

Our smart locks provide tenants keyless entry for convenience while giving you access control from anywhere. HD security cameras let you keep an eye on your property and units inside and out.

With our landlord dashboard, you can receive automatic alerts for leaks, noise complaints, and more. Keep tabs on all your properties in one place.

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Benefits of Home Automation for Landlords

1. Heating and Cooling:Smart thermostats reduce energy costs and appeal to eco-conscious tenants, enhancing rental appeal.

2. Security:Advanced locks and cameras increase security, lowering insurance costs and attracting safety-focused tenants.

3. Safety:Real-time alerts from smart detectors protect property investments and ensure tenant safety.

4. Water Damage:Leak detectors minimize repair costs, making properties more appealing to prospective tenants.

Helping Landlords sleep at night

Incorporating home automation benefits both landlords and tenants, enhancing property value, ensuring safety, and promoting sustainability. As the demand for smart homes continues to grow, landlords who embrace this trend stand to reap substantial rewards.

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We offer transparent pricing and will provide a detailed proposal after assessing your project requirements.

20 Minutes To Warmth

It runs for just 20 mins of each hour whilst maintaining the same set temperature and warmth.

Cyclical Heating

The system does not need to run constantly like gas or electric radiators. It can turn itself on and off and maintain its temperature, thus saving you money.

Cost Effective

When solar panels are added to the IHelios Heating System your heating and lighting can run for near free (98% estimated) on the energy stored in a battery direct from the solar panels.

Cost Effective

Investing in solar panels, alongside iHelios Heating gives dramatic savings on your heating bills. This means a return on your investment can be reached in 5 years rather than the average 10 to 20 years compared to any other electric radiator / gas heating system.

Works Independently

iHelios Radiant is decentralised. This means the heating in each room is controlled by our individual themostat.

Easily Programmable

While at work the iHelios system can be set low or turned off entirely using the iHelios smart app. It can be programmed to turn on automatically as you come home from work. Unlike other programmable systems, the heating is instant. So when you return from a break there is no need for lengthy warm up periods.

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