Creating a Healthier Living Environment in Hull's Residential Spaces

Daniel Cooper, a director at Cooper and Roman Property Investments, expressed the company's dedication to using sustainable technologies in their properties. This move is not just about cost-cutting on their end, but also to provide cost savings for future property owners due to rising energy bills. They recently worked with iHelios on a three-story building project.

iHelios was commendable for their flexible approach, working floor by floor. Cooper appreciates the under-floor installation of the technology which allows maximum usage of floor space without being restrictive in interior decoration. Unlike traditional heating methods, iHelios operates on a zone-based system. This means that if there's a problem in one room, it doesn't affect the rest of the property. Daniel's long-term vision is to fully integrate such sustainable technologies and aims for the company to build 100 sustainable homes in the future.

The Challenge

Linked Infrastructure can create building wide failures

When one tenant's heating system failed in a residential complex, it was observed that it usually indicated simultaneous failures for multiple tenants. This posed a significant inconvenience, especially during Hull's cold months.

The Solution

Zone-Based Radiant Heating

To address the heating challenge, a decision was made to implement Radiant Heating - a solution characterized by its zone-based function. This ensures that even if one zone encounters a problem, others remain unaffected, providing uninterrupted warmth to residents.

The Results

Partnering for Success

iHelios, in tandem with Cooper and Roman, delved into the heart of the heating issue. By adopting a hands-on, collaborative approach, we ensured the seamless integration of the radiant heating system, delivering consistent warmth and tranquillity to every home in Hull.

"Fantastic heating system, it's definitely the future ! Instant, safe and economical heating! Great team ready to solve any issues over the phone or email. Definitely will recommend to everyone."
Jaras RS
"The team at iHelios are a pleasure to work with and their radiant heating system is the future of environmentally friendly heating technology. I would recommend 100%."
Georgia Smith
"I am really happy with the service and support provided by iHelios. Two months ago me and my partner have decided to install iHelios in our new build. This was the best decision we have made, the product is smart, cost effective and your house is evenly warm. No need for yearly services like with gas heating. Next step is to have solar panels installed and completely reduce the costs of heating the property. This product is the future of heating, absolutely recommend it."
Kris Bilski
"We made a decision to install the system end of last year, and didn't look back since. There is less dust in the house (our child is allergic so we looked into various options when deciding) and the heat is not concentrated around radiators (as there is no radiators) but is consistent across the rooms and what's important as well it's cheaper than gas heating system we had before. You can control it from your phone as it can be operated via app and thermostat."
Margo Gawlik
"Great system, very effective in terms of heating and low energy consumption. It is also worth mentioning that the Guys from iHelios are very helpful and always have time to answer any potential user questions or to help with any configuration issues. Brilliant service!"
Piotr K.
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