From Trade Show to Energy Reduction

Peter spoke highly of the installation process, mentioning that the iHelios team completed the installation in his home within a week. The team was described as accommodating, tidy, and professional. The system has been cost-effective for Peter, as he emphasized its affordability in terms of operational costs. He mentioned significant savings compared to other heating systems, especially during the current energy crisis.

Peter is very pleased with the system's performance, noting its responsiveness and versatility. With the iHelios system, every room in his house can be individually controlled, either manually or programmatically. He also touched on the environmental and economic benefits of integrating solar panels with the iHelios system, suggesting that he's considering this option for the future.

The Challenge

High Energy Costs and Eco-friendly Heating Solutions

Peter was looking for eco-friendly heating systems for his house refurbishment in Oasby. Traditional systems were costly, and Peter wanted a solution that was both effective and environmentally friendly.

The Solution

Radiant Heating

The iHelios radiant heating system emerged as the perfect solution for Peter. Common in countries like South Korea, Northern Europe, and Scandinavia, it proved to be efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

The Results

Swift and Efficient Installation

The iHelios team stood out with their professionalism and efficiency. They managed to complete the installation in Peter's home within a week, and the system has since provided significant energy and cost savings, with the potential of further benefits when integrated with solar panels.

"Fantastic heating system, it's definitely the future ! Instant, safe and economical heating! Great team ready to solve any issues over the phone or email. Definitely will recommend to everyone."
Jaras RS
"The team at iHelios are a pleasure to work with and their radiant heating system is the future of environmentally friendly heating technology. I would recommend 100%."
Georgia Smith
"I am really happy with the service and support provided by iHelios. Two months ago me and my partner have decided to install iHelios in our new build. This was the best decision we have made, the product is smart, cost effective and your house is evenly warm. No need for yearly services like with gas heating. Next step is to have solar panels installed and completely reduce the costs of heating the property. This product is the future of heating, absolutely recommend it."
Kris Bilski
"We made a decision to install the system end of last year, and didn't look back since. There is less dust in the house (our child is allergic so we looked into various options when deciding) and the heat is not concentrated around radiators (as there is no radiators) but is consistent across the rooms and what's important as well it's cheaper than gas heating system we had before. You can control it from your phone as it can be operated via app and thermostat."
Margo Gawlik
"Great system, very effective in terms of heating and low energy consumption. It is also worth mentioning that the Guys from iHelios are very helpful and always have time to answer any potential user questions or to help with any configuration issues. Brilliant service!"
Piotr K.
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